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Smart Communities works with households, schools, charities and not for profit organisations to help them to save energy, reduce bills and improve the environment. Smart Communities can help you change the things you use every day, such as lighting, heating, cleaning and entertaining, to enable you – and all your community – to use less energy. More >

Working together to save energy

If you live in South West London, our volunteer energy assessors will come to your home, school or community group and give you free, practical advice on measures you can take to cut your energy use. They will also give you free energy saving equipment and an Owl energy monitor so you can track how much electricity you're using.

This offer is only up to April 2015 and for the period October - December 2015.

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What's happening?

Open House 2 – John & Sue

We have held another very successful Open House evening, this time at John & Sue’s house in Twickenham. John gave an excellent well-informed presentation of all the  measures they have taken to reduce their energy consumption, in the process becoming almost carbon-neutral. Thanks again to them for hosting the evening.

John particularly stressed the need to prevent draughts, especially in older homes.

You can see the details of John & Sue’s sustainable living experiment on their website:

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